10 Things I am Passionate About

If you ever get the chance or time to read my blogs, you will find that I generally write about the things I care and know about. Those things are:

  1. People. Helping others obtain their goals and helping them to understand and change their thinking patterns. Our thinking patterns or thinking traps as it is also known is one of the major issues that we have that prevent us from realizing our dreams.
  2. Our Planet. I care about our planet and know that we can through small acts of kindness or behavioural changes bring about necessary change.
  3. Technology. The speed with which technology has changed in my life time has been unbelievable and I hope to live long enough to still see probably some of the greatest changes that technology will still bring to our world. I love reading about it and learning about new technologies where possible. The internet and its possibilities fascinate me as this has and will still change all our lives significantly in particular mobile phones and the influence this has on our social skills and society in general.
  4. Personal Growth and Development. The only person that is responsible for your life is you. When you take responsibility for your own development and growth, you can direct your life in any direction that you wish to go. It is just as simple as that.
  5. Family. I am blessed with a family that I love more than anything else. We are no different from the famous TV program ‘Brothers & Sisters’ as we fight, love and laugh as much if not more. Family is everything.
  6. My country South Africa. It is for me a country that has all the different faces of life. Love, hate, laughter, sadness, possibilities, passion, colour, good, bad and these are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind. There are many, many more. Nowhere on this planet (in my opinion) is there a country where you live life as much as we do every day.
  7. Valentino Rossi. The MotoGP (motorbike) champion is the best in the world and I love his dedication to his sport and his personality.
  8. Reading. I am a bookworm of note. I read a lot of non-fiction always trying to expand my knowledge but I also love just to curl up on my bed and read books of my favourite authors. They are Patricia Cornwell, Frederick Forsyth, David Baldacci, Sandra Brown, Kathy Reich, James Patterson and my most favourite is the Jason Borne series from Robert Ludlum.
  9. Rugby. I am a big Springbok (South Africa national rugby team) fan.

10. Writing. I have embarked on this passion over the last 2-3 years and love researching and writing about various topics that interest me.

Keep watching and reading my blog to get the latest updates on these and various other topics of interest.


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