I have been meaning to write about this, wow, must be, for the last 3 years!

This thing that everyone talks about! “You have to earn my trust” “You have to earn my respect”

So tell me how long does this earn period last and what is the criteria? In my humble opinion all a bunch of nonsense. In today’s world we all talk about the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations, so how could this negative view fit into those views?

Starting a relationship off based on a negative view, how can that serve anyone?

You give your trust and respect 100% to another person to start with unconditionally. It is then up to the other person (and yourself)  to keep that trust and respect at 100%.

If for any reason what so ever the trust and respect gets broken, you discuss it, try and understand what went wrong and the outcome is either back to 100% or 0.

When you start any relationship on a positive note it has a much higher chance of being a success. Starting any relationship on a negative basis also has a very good chance of being a success, that is it has a higher chance of not working out?

So, when you meet someone where you would like to form a new relationship whether it is business, friendship or romantic, go the positive route.

You will be surprised how many times this becomes a healthy good successful relationship instead of a bad unhealthy negative experience.


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