A Synchronistic Event

My sister phoned to say that her son has just turned down his ticket to go and see John Edward’s show here at the Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg South Africa ‘would I like to go’? No I said its Friday night and I would rather  watch television than go to the show. Much to my own surprise I phoned her back within 10 minutes to say I would go.

This all happened 2 hours before the show started. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am on my own quest for spiritual self-development and I have completed numerous courses, read so many books from various authors that my Kindle is taking strain and my credit card is hiding in my cupboard, away from amazon.com.

Yet, amongst all these authors I never considered any of John’s books. See, already its John and not John Edward. I already feel as if I know him! Hmm, this has got to be ego talking. Anyway, after the show I purchased his book Infinite Quest and have not stopped reading it.

I love the way he talks to you, not like most authors who writes a book for you to read, John’s book makes you feel as if you are sitting in a room having a discussion with him one on one.

The book reads easily and the learning is pretty amazing. I have no desire to do any psychic reading for other people and the book to me is a fantastic tool for self-development.

So I was meant to have this book. My guides came up with this brilliant idea and there you have it. A cancelled ticket got me to the show and the book. A double whammy.

I want to thank my guides and John Edward for joining me on my spiritual journey.

Visit John Edward site.


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