I have been meaning to write about this, wow, must be, for the last 3 years!

This thing that everyone talks about! “You have to earn my trust” “You have to earn my respect”

So tell me how long does this earn period last and what is the criteria? In my humble opinion all a bunch of nonsense. In today’s world we all talk about the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations, so how could this negative view fit into those views?

Starting a relationship off based on a negative view, how can that serve anyone?

You give your trust and respect 100% to another person to start with unconditionally. It is then up to the other person (and yourself)  to keep that trust and respect at 100%.

If for any reason what so ever the trust and respect gets broken, you discuss it, try and understand what went wrong and the outcome is either back to 100% or 0.

When you start any relationship on a positive note it has a much higher chance of being a success. Starting any relationship on a negative basis also has a very good chance of being a success, that is it has a higher chance of not working out?

So, when you meet someone where you would like to form a new relationship whether it is business, friendship or romantic, go the positive route.

You will be surprised how many times this becomes a healthy good successful relationship instead of a bad unhealthy negative experience.


A Synchronistic Event

My sister phoned to say that her son has just turned down his ticket to go and see John Edward’s show here at the Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg South Africa ‘would I like to go’? No I said its Friday night and I would rather  watch television than go to the show. Much to my own surprise I phoned her back within 10 minutes to say I would go.

This all happened 2 hours before the show started. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am on my own quest for spiritual self-development and I have completed numerous courses, read so many books from various authors that my Kindle is taking strain and my credit card is hiding in my cupboard, away from

Yet, amongst all these authors I never considered any of John’s books. See, already its John and not John Edward. I already feel as if I know him! Hmm, this has got to be ego talking. Anyway, after the show I purchased his book Infinite Quest and have not stopped reading it.

I love the way he talks to you, not like most authors who writes a book for you to read, John’s book makes you feel as if you are sitting in a room having a discussion with him one on one.

The book reads easily and the learning is pretty amazing. I have no desire to do any psychic reading for other people and the book to me is a fantastic tool for self-development.

So I was meant to have this book. My guides came up with this brilliant idea and there you have it. A cancelled ticket got me to the show and the book. A double whammy.

I want to thank my guides and John Edward for joining me on my spiritual journey.

Visit John Edward site.

Humorous Outlook of Work Life Balance

Here we are again talking about balance.  Let me tell you this talk is cheap, but the action comes at a high cost.

If you are wondering how that can be, consider this. You are being pressurised by your boss to work longer hours. You are pressurised by your kids to spend more time with them. You are pressurised by your husband to prepare better and healthier meals and to top it off he still wants you to perform sexually after all that at least three times a week.

You bitch and moan to your bookclub friends once a month (yes, this at least you have insisted on is your time no matter what) that you cannot continue like this as you are exhausted all the time.

They laugh and all tell you about work life balance. Ha! Now that is a joke as none of them has it either?

So where do you start and how do you prioritize?

This is the hardest decision you will have to make. What comes first? Your job which gives you a monthly income that allows you to at least be able to compete with the youngsters coming into the workplace. Your job requires you to dress the part that says ‘I am serious about my job and I am climbing the corporate ladder’.  Say what you want but being well groomed costs money and that certainly does not get cheaper as you age it gets more expensive.

 Taking time out from your job every now and again to spend time at your child’s gala event or some or other school function that requires at least a face of one parent takes its toll on your career, as you are constantly working time in.

Let’s face it ladies, men, husband’s I should say, certainly believe it is easier for a women to take time off work. When your boss is male, he seems to think you are always taking time off, when actually you only doing it maybe once a month. The worst however is when your boss is female, she seems to think that you obviously cannot manage your time properly because she manages to go to her child’s school functions and it never takes as much time as you take!

That’s trying to juggle the job. Now let’s look at the eating healthy part. Holy cow, tell me when are you suppose to shop for those healthy ingredients to cook each evening? Ok Ok, I know. Thank heavens for Woolies, but you still need to go to Woolies and pick out the food. Hopefully you have a pre-planned menu that will take less than 30 minutes because that is about what time you have left.

So now we get to the sex part. Ok, let’s just skip this part what can I say. Lie back and think of England.

Oh shucks I forgot to mention exercise. That size 10 skirt that became size 14 over night. Yes, you read it right, over night.

Eish as we South Africans will say, actually it’s not that bad, it’s worse. Sorry ladies just kidding.

Life when you start out in your working career is a breeze. You have all these plans and you vowed never to be like your mother. You have it all figured out. You will be different.

What you do not realize, is yes, you will be different from your mother. Life has changed. Technology has changed. Economies have changed. Relationships have changed. Actually, pretty much everything has changed. Off course you will be different. Your challenges are completely different to the challenges your mother faced.

So now what? What is the answer?

In my humble opinion as the author life is simple. Take it as it comes. Don’t try and plan life to death, it does not work. There are way too many variables.

Decide which of the things in your life you enjoy the most and prioritize accordingly. Don’t try to be super mom. Just be yourself, do the best you can. Love as much as possible, enjoy each moment life serves you and be grateful for everything you have.

Oh, last but not the least, laugh often and bugger the laughter lines. Now that reader is balance.

Mobile Communications Influence and Impact Questions

Mobile Communications Influence and Impact

From the Mindmap above, we can see there are many questions we need to look at to try and understand the impact and influence mobile communications have on our lives.

I have looked at mobile communications in particular as to its influence and impact on:

(1)  Values, Beliefs and Principles

(2)  Development and Prosperity

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a start.


When we look at Values, Beliefs and Principles there are two main themes that we should consider:

  • Society
  • Family

These two themes influence each other and some of the questions we raise are:

1.    In Society

  1. Has the mobile phone developed meaning?
  2. Is there a new youth culture?
  3. Are new structures starting to emerge and do these influences cross borders / countries?
  4. Have we got new social constraints?
  5. Are we becoming unselfish and more generous or just the opposite?

2.    In Families

  1. How do the individual members pursuing of their own independent activities influence family structure?
  2. Are there new structures emerging with new and different responsibilities?
  3. How are we communicating?



If we review our Development and Prosperity four themes come to mind, namely:

  • Economy
  • Work / Office Environments
  • Training and Education
  • Politics

All these themes have an influence-impact relationship as no one theme is completely independent from the changes of another theme.

General questions for consideration are:

1.    In the Economy

  1. Are we merging space and time with our anywhere at any time concepts?
  2. Of developing countries what is the influence and impact of the new mobile communications?
  3. Are there new definitions for power and wealth?

2.    Our Work and Office Environments

  1. Has the old fashioned office environment changed?
  2. Quality of work, is it different or changed?
  3. Does multitasking exist and if yes, is it productive?

3.    In Training and Education

  1. How are classrooms and students affected?
  2. How has language changed?
  3. How has it changed?

4.    In Politics

  1. What changes has mobile communications brought to politics?



These are only some of the questions as there are many more. One thing is certain the answers cannot always be found in past research or our historical assessments of human behaviour.

For example, we use to and still believe to some extend that television is bad for children, therefore our logical conclusion leads us to believe that the internet must be bad for children.

Yet, in the same area of research and assessments we would find in the developing countries that the use of communication technologies such as television and the internet can and does enhance and develop.

This is where people come unstuck as in the absence of good data they argue from pre-existing views as little or no new perspectives can be offered.

This is neither right nor wrong, sometimes it just is. It is just a perspective to work from and change when new data becomes available.

In my follow-up blog articles I will cover each and every question trying to get a better understanding of this new simple yet complex world that we are in now.

Your comments and experiences are most welcome to add to my research and knowledge on this fascinating topic.