To All The Mothers Of Our World

This article is reproduced from The Holistic Healer booklet by BIPIN PAREKH ‘ANAND’

Many years ago I was standing at the Drivering License counter when the lady behind the counter asks “What is your occupation?”

I am a little puzzled by her question so she asks me again “Ma’am, are you employed, have your own business or …

“Oh, yes!! I have a full time occupation. I am a mother” Now the lady behind the counter looks a little puzzled. We don’t have ‘mother’ as an option for occupation. I will write it down as ‘Housewife’.

So here I am again back at the Driving License counter to renew my license and this time there is a rather pompous Public Relations Officer who asks me in a rather authoritative tone  “Your occupation?”

On impulse I replied “I am a researcher in the field of Child Development, Nutrition and Interpersonal Relationships”

Now the lady officer is staring at me in amazement. I calmly repeat what I had just told her and she writes this down verbatim. Unable to conceal her curiosity, she politely asks “What exactly do you do in your profession, Ma’am?”

Now with renewed confidence I reply “My research projects have been going on for a number of years (Mothers never retire!!), and is conducted in a laboratory as well as in the field. I have two bosses (One is God and the other an entire family).

I have two honours in this field (A son and a daughter). My topic is considered to be the most difficult part of sociology work (All moms will agree!!)

I have to work more than 14 hours every day and sometimes 24 hours are not enough and the challenges are tougher than many other professions. My compensation is in terms of mental satisfaction rather than money.

I could see the lady officer was thoroughly impressed.

After I completed all the licensing formalities she came to the door to see me off.

On my way home I realized how good I felt about viewing my occupation in a new light.

As I arrived home I was welcomed by my 5 year old research assistant and my new project (6 month old baby) was energetically practising her ‘music’.

Today I earned a small victory over the Governmental red tape.

I no longer felt as if I was ‘merely a mother’ instead I was now a highly placed functionary in a service vital for mankind ‘Motherhood’

Now is ‘Mother’ not a great title to be fitted as a nameplate on a door?

By this standard, grandmothers deserve to be called Senior Research Officers and Great Grandmothers qualify as ‘Research Directors’

Aunts and others of that age group can be called ‘Research Facilitators’

Don’t strive to make your Presence noticed. Just make your Absence felt.

Thank you to all the Mothers of this world.