Mobile Communications Influence and Impact Questions

Mobile Communications Influence and Impact

From the Mindmap above, we can see there are many questions we need to look at to try and understand the impact and influence mobile communications have on our lives.

I have looked at mobile communications in particular as to its influence and impact on:

(1)  Values, Beliefs and Principles

(2)  Development and Prosperity

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a start.


When we look at Values, Beliefs and Principles there are two main themes that we should consider:

  • Society
  • Family

These two themes influence each other and some of the questions we raise are:

1.    In Society

  1. Has the mobile phone developed meaning?
  2. Is there a new youth culture?
  3. Are new structures starting to emerge and do these influences cross borders / countries?
  4. Have we got new social constraints?
  5. Are we becoming unselfish and more generous or just the opposite?

2.    In Families

  1. How do the individual members pursuing of their own independent activities influence family structure?
  2. Are there new structures emerging with new and different responsibilities?
  3. How are we communicating?



If we review our Development and Prosperity four themes come to mind, namely:

  • Economy
  • Work / Office Environments
  • Training and Education
  • Politics

All these themes have an influence-impact relationship as no one theme is completely independent from the changes of another theme.

General questions for consideration are:

1.    In the Economy

  1. Are we merging space and time with our anywhere at any time concepts?
  2. Of developing countries what is the influence and impact of the new mobile communications?
  3. Are there new definitions for power and wealth?

2.    Our Work and Office Environments

  1. Has the old fashioned office environment changed?
  2. Quality of work, is it different or changed?
  3. Does multitasking exist and if yes, is it productive?

3.    In Training and Education

  1. How are classrooms and students affected?
  2. How has language changed?
  3. How has it changed?

4.    In Politics

  1. What changes has mobile communications brought to politics?



These are only some of the questions as there are many more. One thing is certain the answers cannot always be found in past research or our historical assessments of human behaviour.

For example, we use to and still believe to some extend that television is bad for children, therefore our logical conclusion leads us to believe that the internet must be bad for children.

Yet, in the same area of research and assessments we would find in the developing countries that the use of communication technologies such as television and the internet can and does enhance and develop.

This is where people come unstuck as in the absence of good data they argue from pre-existing views as little or no new perspectives can be offered.

This is neither right nor wrong, sometimes it just is. It is just a perspective to work from and change when new data becomes available.

In my follow-up blog articles I will cover each and every question trying to get a better understanding of this new simple yet complex world that we are in now.

Your comments and experiences are most welcome to add to my research and knowledge on this fascinating topic. 


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